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Light connected
to people

Remote is light in touch with the far-away. With a modular structure, each fiberglass tube contains thousands of individually controlled LEDs inside.

One module 1.8 meters high contains more than 1700 LEDs individually programmed to replicate, through light movements and density, the number of people in a certain far-away place, in real-time. In the photos below, for example, the 1.8M module installed in Milan replicates the number of people in Times Square, NY, in real-time, creating ever-changing patterns and light movements.

Remote is made to order based on the number of modules (fiberglass tubes) and their heights, to create each time unique compositions. The designer will study a bespoke solution based on the location of the installation and the client's needs. The location to be connected with can be decided and arranged based on the client's ”loved places”.

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