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Lighting Design is the art of illuminating outdoor and indoor spaces unifying technical skills with conceptual, emotional, and storytelling expertise. Lighting design has an approach that is different from the figure of the lighting technician/lighting manufacturers and has the absolute priority of enhancing each space uniquely. A professional lighting design involves the detailed study of each element in the space and their relationship, to create the one-off experience for who will enter the space: emotional and sensorial perception make a place's memory.

FC has worked in the last 5 years on lighting projects in Europe, Asia, and America. With experience with Isometrix, Studio 29, and LDC, she worked on projects such as Regent Street and Oxford Circus Masterplan for the Crown Estate, Hilton, Mandarin Oriental, Meydan Beach in Dubai, Belmond, and many private residences, taking care of the lighting on projects by architects such as David Chipperfield, John Pawson, Lissoni Associati, Patricia Urquiola, Rockwell Group. FC is now based in Italy, she taught lighting design at La Sapienza University of Rome and has projects in Italy and abroad. In collaboration with Studioillumina, she is working on the lighting of the ancient Roman cisterns in Istanbul. For full portfolio get in touch. 

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For full portfolio get in touch. 

FC Lighting Design deals with:

- Design of light atmospheres indoors and outdoors, with each project being studied in its identity and not in a standardized way;

- Aesthetic and experiential enhancement of the physical place, impacting the mood of the visitor through lights and shadows, color, intensity, light distribution, depths, and so on.

- Operates in complete autonomy from lamp manufacturers, favoring the performance of the project;

- The design is always oriented towards energy control through the use of LED lighting sources.

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